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DRE # 01325713 310.991.9988
With 15 years of experience in the business as a real estate trainer and coach, Sherry Marshall is a leading expert in the real estate industry. Motivated by the desire to create positive business experiences built on excellent service, Sherry designs meaningful, realistic goals that inspire her and those around her to have positive outcomes. She strongly believes that education is the key to successful real estate transactions, and prides herself on guiding her clients comfortably and confidently through the purchasing or selling process. A transplant from Long Island, NY, Sherry grew up in Santa Monica and moved to the South Bay in 1999. Her geographic focus in real estate now spans the South Bay, West Side, Valley, and Glendale. Working in conjunction with Rhonda, Sherry has surrounded herself with an amazing team that works earnestly to provide outstanding service and communication to meet each clients needs. Together, the two share strong core values of integrity and honesty; they believe business is about people first and foremost. As negotiators, they are top-notch and strategize diligently on how to achieve their clients visions. Tough fighters, Sherry and Rhonda always search for solutions in lieu of giving up their combined experience and extensive knowledge solidifies the partnership they have developed. Sherry ran training programs and coached real estate agents all across North America. Her training programs provided an educational foundation to real estate agents on critical subjects such as time management, business planning, energy leadership, listing presentations, building databases, and personal development. Her successful coaching programs were used as recruitment tools for her previous real estate company and provided financial benefits to the company due to the structure and accountability provided by new agents. She worked with newly licensed agents by holding weekly one-on-one coaching and group coaching meetings to their success and areas of development. Her coaching proved crucial in orienting new agents and helping them grow their business, market, and brand building their foundations for success. To Sherry and Rhonda, excellence is the standard. They do common things in uncommon ways. Even in her philanthropy, Sherry does not veer far from real estate. Every month, Sherry contributes to Give Back Homes along with her partner Rhonda. Sherry is married to Marc Mata and has two children named Kendall and Cruz. With a love of learning that is never quenched, Sherry considers personal development her lifelong quest. She takes a lot of pride in her family and believes her biggest accomplishments in life are seen in her children.